Monday, January 24, 2011

Sparkly Snowflakes

You may have noticed in the New Year's garland post some colorful snowflakes on the window below. A couple of weeks ago, T and I made those together. I cut the snowflakes and she painted and glittered them. The wet paint works like glue for the glitter to stick. However, if you do this, make sure to hang dry these as they will stick to any paper below when drying. We learned this and weren't able to unstick some of our snowflakes, which made me sad.

T's favorite part was putting the glitter on. I did my best to be as organized as possible to lessen the glitter mess but of course, glitter still got everywhere. If you don't like a mess, it might be better to do that part outside or in an area you don't care that gets messy.

I think they turned out great and are a perfect winter decoration for our home!


  1. Those are super cute. We will definitely be making those sometime soon. Hey we're in Texas, it's the only snow we'll get!

    Family Friendly Frugality

  2. Those are so cute! Great are a fun Mama!