Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letter of the Week

Last week, we worked on the letter 'K' for kite.

We worked on differentiating between lowercase and capital K by sorting.

T and I colored a 'K is for kite' coloring page.

Her favorite this week was doing a kite number activity. Each kite has a number on it. Then, using some string as the tail, T matched the correct number of ribbons to the number on each kite.

Instead of a craft, I wanted to have T fly her new kite she got for Christmas. (It was the only thing she asked for from Santa and has been wanting to fly it ever since). However, there wasn't any wind at all for her to fly it. I got it out anyway and tried to have her run around with it but she flat out refused. She decided to run around with her Valentine's Day balloon she got from grandma instead. Whatever works.

She took it around on her tricycle as well.

The wonderful blog we used for the letter K printables:
Confessions of a Homeschooler


  1. a balloon is a great idea for a kite! :) works better with kids I can never get a kite going so maybe I need a balloon too :)

  2. How cute is she on the tricycle!?

  3. I just started homeschooling my daughter preschool, and we just did the letter A this week and printed some worksheets and she loved it! The only problem is that A was the only letter that you could print the worksheets for free on the site I was on. Thanks for sharing your link, I'll make sure to check it out :)