Monday, February 7, 2011


It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I’m not sure T fully understands what Valentine’s Day really is yet, but we’re both having fun making lots of hearts. While I was cutting out hearts for the front window and a garland, T wanted to practice her cutting skills with her scissors. This kept her busy while I cut out a bunch of hearts out of pretty paper. Notice T's festive sunglasses?

I wrote Valentine sayings on the garland hearts. It's hard to read though in these pictures.

T helped me stick the hearts onto the window. She did the bottom hearts and I did the ones on the top.

The red wooden heart is special because it was painted by my grandma H. She was quite the artist and this was one of her many gifts she made for my family. My mom passed it down to me this year and I will continue to put it out every Valentine’s Day.

We also made some Valentine’s for my parents. I got the idea here: make and takes
T traced a heart and then I cut out the heart for her.

We laced it with some yarn and then T decorated each heart herself. She chose to draw my dad and mom on each heart so we know which one belongs to whom.

Then we filled them both with chocolate candy hearts!

And yes, we ate some ourselves as well.

Another day this past week, my brother came over to visit. I set out our watercolors (pink, fuchsia, purple, and red) and coffee filters and cut out a bunch of hearts, similar to snowflakes. This was another craft that I found: The Artful Parent

We all cut out some designs and then my brother and T painted them all.

Our home is now ready for Valentine’s Day!

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