Monday, October 3, 2011

Leaf print stained glass

Another wonderful art-inspired idea from The Artful Parent.

Last Saturday, I was watching 2 of my nieces (age 2 and 3), and had them gather some leaves. Then, I taught them how to use the side of a crayon to make leaf prints. They kinda got the hang of it, but enjoyed scribbling around and drawing on the paper more. No big deal. The paper was really big, so I didn't think they would be interested in filling the entire paper up anyway. I think they're favorite part of this was just gathering up all the leaves. :)

The following day, I had T and A (3-year old niece), paint the paper with our liquid watercolors. They painted the entire strip of paper practically all by themselves. They really enjoyed this part.

After the paint dried, I cut the paper so it would fit into our window by the front door. Then, T and I brushed vegetable oil onto the back of it and stuck it onto the window.

I absolutely love all the beautiful colors and the way the sun shines through the paper. The leaf prints didn't seem to be so noticeable though, unless you stare hard at it, but the kids and I still like it.

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