Monday, March 28, 2011

Body Art: Part 1

Using your body to paint is always fun! But, since it can get messy, I make sure to keep a bucket of soapy water, a washcloth and a towel nearby. I actually usually do this whenever we are painting.

First, I had T use her forearm.

Then, she painted using her hands and thumbs.

She used her fists and thumbs to make a sun.

And, this is the outcome!

A beautiful Spring canvas perfect for decoration all season long.

Of course, there are many variations in how you may want to do this art project. Here is an example that my sister-in-law's daughter did because she liked the idea so much!

Isn't it cute?! That's why I love art. You can share your ideas and even though you do the same thing, it is never exactly the same as someone else's work of art. Art is unique, just like people.

If I could do it over, I'd have T use her thumbs for the tulips. I specifically asked her to not use them as I thought they would look more like tulips, but I think it would have been much cuter if she had used her whole handprint. I still think it turned out really cute and is a great keepsake.


  1. Very cute! Going to try this might turn out as a brown mess. ;)

  2. I think my favorite thing about kids art is that I have an idea of how it should go, and my children have a different idea of how to do it... and I end up liking theirs better than mine! :)

  3. Stephanie, I couldn't agree with you more. :)