Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Cardboard Home

My husband received a package in the mail recently and left the box it came in out in our dining area. When I noticed it, I immediately thought how the hole cut-outs looked exactly like big church or castle windows. Then, I had an idea and quickly began putting my imagination into realization. The end product turned out pretty well, I think.

As soon as I began constructing this little home for T, she saw me and was very excited to help. She immediately began decorating the roof with different shapes and colors.

And the back with some more artwork.

While, I worked on the inside and front garden area.

I admit, I really got into decorating this home for T. And she loves it! She's been playing with it every day since we made it together.

See the castle-type windows here?

We even made a barn for her farm animals (and My Little Ponies).

Kids always seem to love a cardboard box. A little imagination is all that's needed.


  1. You know how they say that if you give a cat a cardboard box, it will play with it for hours. Children are the same way, they really don't need expensive toys to play. Cute home!