Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flower Suncatcher for Father's Day

As usual, I was inspired by another creative idea from The Artful Parent. Her blog is one I am always browsing and gathering ideas from. If you haven't stopped by yet, please do!

I thought these flower suncatchers would be a perfect Father's Day gift this year. T and I went in the backyard and she gathered flowers, clovers, and leaves. We then came inside to stick them onto the contact paper to make a colorful suncatcher.

Her favorite part of this activity was pulling the petals and leaves apart into smaller bits. Then, we glued a cut-out paper plate around it and T decorated it with "I love you" and a little red heart. I was very proud of her because she wrote the letters herself (with very little help from me).

Hopefully the weather will begin to cooperate soon and show some sunshine for our little suncatcher (and for my own sanity..). I've definitely had enough of the cloudy, overcast days here in the Pacific Northwest.

We can't wait to give daddy his gift on Father's Day!