Monday, June 20, 2011

T's Special Day


The invitations (Made by me)

Pin-the-slipper-on-the-ballerina (Also made by me)

Making the cupcakes...

The best part of making the cupcakes...


Pink Rhubarb Punch

T and I colored these...


It was quite fun this year planning for T's birthday party. It was the first year where she decided what she wanted to do and what kind of party she wanted. She let me know that she wanted a ballerina party and wanted everyone to be dancers and dance around. And, that's exactly what we did. Ballet music played, girls ran around in tutus, and fun was had by all. It was quite the party. It's hard to believe my baby girl is now four years old. I'm so thankful to be near family this year to make this birthday celebration even more special for her.

Our Beautiful 4 Year Old


  1. What a great party idea! I bet T loved it! Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Happy Birthday to T! I love that the theme she chose. :)

  3. Darling! Way to go mama!!!