Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Me, oh my! Sweet Cherry Pie

Last week, we were very excited to see that the neighborhood cherry trees were ready to be picked. So, we got to go berry picking in our front yard.

And it was such a gorgeous day.

The cherries were perfectly juicy. T couldn't get enough.

Daddy went and got the ladder because a lot of the cherries were pretty high up.

The following day, I decided to make a cherry pie. So, I got busy pitting all the cherries. (Did you know you can use a chopstick to pit cherries if you don't have a pitter? Well, you can and it works great!)

Of course, T helped me in the kitchen. She LOVED playing with the extra dough and practiced rolling it out and feeling it between her fingers. She spent most of her time in the kitchen playing with the dough.

She couldn't wait for it to cool down so we could eat some. She was very proud to have helped make it.

And it was so yummy too! The crust was flaky and moist and the cherries were just the right sweetness.


For the pie, I used this recipe here and this crust here.

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  1. We have a few years to go before we get bunches and bunches of cherries... for now I'll just take the few I can get before the birds do! :)