Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Shaving Cream

I just read a great article over at Toddler Times that discusses the benefits of sensory art for young children; here. It also mentions an article from Early Childhood News that explains how sensory explorations help young children learn through cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, and creative development, along with some sensory ideas to do with your child.

I admit to having a soft spot for anything that gives young children fun sensory experiences. This is why I love to use shaving cream a LOT.

I invited my niece over to enjoy in another sensory exploration activity I had.

I set out food coloring, filled a bucket full of shaving cream, put them in their swimsuits and set it all into the bathtub. Then, they went to town.

It's always more fun with a friend.

And, they really got into it.

T asked to do this again a few days ago but I haven't picked up more shaving cream at the store yet. (It's on the grocery list though.)

I do have to warn that it got really slippery in the bathtub. But, it was SO easy to clean up. I actually was able to clean the entire bathtub afterwards.

Sometimes, I feel like maybe I overdo it with my activity ideas. Or it's just another crazy idea from aunt Jacquie. But, I really am just a strong believer that a child needs to be allowed to get messy. I firmly want to encourage this with my children.


  1. That looks so fun! I need to get that on my grocery list. A would LOVE it!

  2. Ohhh...shaving cream is so fun!! And a great way to get messy but keeping it a little contained for clean up to. Visiting from it's Playtime. :) Kristi

  3. My girls are five and seven, and they STILL love shaving cream! It's actually one of their independent activities--they strip, get the shaving cream, play with it in the bathtub, then shower themselves and the tub off afterwards. Keeps the tub a little cleaner, too!

  4. I have done this with my kiddos several times and they absolutely love it. Shaving cream is always a fantastic play toy. : ) Looks like your girls had fun!