Monday, August 15, 2011


So, I was just about to write my new post this morning but before I did, I read this over at Let the Children Play. (One of my favorite blogs, btw.)

Ummm... that is EXACTLY what I was going to post about today. Ha! Great minds think alike, right? :-)

Anyway, I love boxes. Mainly because of how much children love boxes. I will always keep boxes around the house before reusing them for something else or recycling. Kids never seem to tire of them.

And.. I've begun introducing baby L to them as well.

This kept him entertained for quite some time actually. This photo was taken a couple weeks ago though; now he is on the move and probably wouldn't stay sitting in that box for long these days.

Want more ideas on how to reuse your boxes?

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And, over at the wonderful, The Imagination Tree - Cardboard Box Town, Cardboard Play Tunnel, and A Discovery Box.


  1. My kids love boxes too! And if they can't fit into them, they turn them into something else. It's definitely cheap and fun entertainment!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments and the links! Yes, cardboard boxes will forever be the BEST toy ever for children, without a doubt! Love them :-)