Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Mobile

I had an idea for a baby mobile that was inspired by some others I had seen on Etsy. They were quite pricey and so I decided to make one myself for a much cheaper price instead. My mom came over one day before L was born to help me. At that time, we didn't know if L would be a boy or girl so I chose to use greens, creams, and whites.


You need:

vellum paper (I bought a sample pack of assorted colors)
hole punch
acrylic string
super glue
circle paper punches (I used 3 different sizes)
part of a wooden embroidery hoop (or any type of wooden circle)

We evenly balanced the hoop with string and hung it from my dining room chandelier. Then, we tied on the punched out circles and beads. We tied knots at the end of each bead and then used super glue to ensure that the knot wouldn't come undone.

I absolutely love how it turned out. I also love having it over the changing table rather than the crib. I do bump my head into the bottom part of it sometimes when changing him but he likes when I do that, because it starts moving all around and he just gazes at it with a smile.


  1. Very cute Jacqueline! I like the shiny beads and I bet your baby likes them too.

  2. Just lovely, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  3. I love this! I think it would be lovely even without a baby.

  4. I found your blog from still parenting and am very impressed by your mobile. I am in the process of making a mobile for our baby using origami cranes.
    You said, "We evenly balanced the hoop with string and hung it from my dining room chandelier" How did you do this? Did you use a level?
    It is lovely and so are your children!

  5. Hi there Kait! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like the mobile. I didn't use a level for it. If I remember correctly, I tied one end of the string to the chandelier and attached the other end to the center of the mobile. I used 2 strings to form a 'X' and attached the string to the center of the 'X'. Does that make sense? Then, I sort of moved the string around until the circle seemed steady and balanced. Then, I super glued them in that place so they wouldn't move. It's not perfectly centered, but I like it that way. Makes it kinda whimsical, I think. Hope this helps!

  6. I love this mobile, I made something very similar to it
    I absolutely love the idea of hanging beads on it. I'm gonna have to add some to mine! I'll link up to you when I do!

  7. Thanks! I love the spin art with yours. Great idea! I hope to see what it looks like when you add the beads. :)