Monday, April 11, 2011

Watercolor Butterflies

Spring is here! And our house is currently decorated with lots of beautiful coffee filter butterflies. They're in our dining room, our entry way and our front window. And they are a perfect decoration for Spring.

Once again, T and I used our liquid watercolors to paint coffee filters. (One of our favorite craft projects to do.)

Probably because it's so easy to do and T enjoys it so much. She painted as many butterflies as I did. And they always turn out so pretty with all the different colors.

They're also very easy to make. Once the paint dried, I folded the coffee filters into an accordian.

Then, I cut in half a pipe cleaner of T's color choice while T made a bunch of pipe cleaner happy faces.

I then folded the pipe cleaner in half and wrapped it around the coffee filter and curled the ends for the antennas.

We used thread to tie them to our dining room chandelier.

And we used folded tape to stick them onto the front window and entry way wall.

Some of them are hanging as well.

Don't they go perfect with T's hand print tulip canvas?

Happy Spring!


  1. Your housse is full of spring, I like the butterflies!

  2. As you are turning outwards we are turning inwards. I love the change in the seasons.
    x Ange

  3. I love how you hung them all over :) Oh, and the smiley faces T made were adorable!! ha! (Henry'd be doing the same thing...) We've tried coffee filters and markers (then spraying with water) with little success (Henry wasn't in the mood) but he might go for painting them! I'll have to try.

    Thanks for linking at It's Playtime. I hope to see more of your play ideas next week too!

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  4. These are so pretty!! Perfect for spring!!

  5. They are all so pretty. I especially like the ones in front of the windows!

  6. The butterflies are really lovely!