Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Activities

Prekinders has a great free rabbit printable.

T has been doing this one over and over again. She decided to add the green leave tops to the carrots as well.

Our rice box for the month of April also incorporated a little bit of Easter.

Besides Easter eggs, I also added some dried pasta noodles. T loved that!

Also, Petals and Sunshine had a post about a free Easter banner she found here.

Check that site out because they have a few free Easter printables as well.

Such as, paper egg holders. T really liked the baskets.

I made bottoms to the baskets using one of the characters on the free printable.

T's been putting tiny, itty-bitty toys and things in her baskets ever since.
There is also a maze and a coloring page where you find the Easter eggs.

I helped her with the coloring but she found all the eggs herself. She also did the maze all by herself. She loves mazes.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week leading up to Easter!


  1. Looks like you've been busy. Such fun activities. Happy easter week to you too.

  2. What fun Easter stuff! I love the baskets especially.