Monday, July 4, 2011

A Seashell Mobile

When we went to the beach last week, T and daddy collected some shells. Thankfully I had a bag to put them all in. I ended up using all the shells they collected (and one stick of driftwood I collected) for a seashell mobile. I've been wanting to make one since last summer.

So, I drilled very small holes in each of the shells. Surprisingly, only one shell broke. This actually took some time to do, but it eventually drilled all the way through with a regular drill bit. I've also seen people gather shells with holes already in them so they didn't have to do this part. I then used acrylic string and tied the shells to the driftwood.

Ta-da! It turned out exactly as I had imagined.

Right after I finished making the mobile, T was showing off (once again) for the camera her many different poses. (haha) Just wanted to share a few of them. She's a crack up.


  1. What a beautiful mobile! And love your little ones antics. Too sweet!


  2. Wonderful sea shell mobile and great voguing by T!