Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweet Peas are Finally Blooming!

Right before we left for camping, our sweet peas that T planted back in April began to bloom! T and I were so excited!

T was diligent about keeping them watered every day.

First sprout

Then, when the frost finally left us, we worked together and transfered them outside.

Every time we'd go into the backyard we would check on our sweet peas and see how much they had grown. They seemed to be taking their sweet, little time. Then, finally, within the past 2 weeks, they began to bloom!

Of course, I've been bringing them into the home. I absolutely love their sweet scent. We put some in T's room too (not pictured).

Apparently, I read that the more flowers you pick, the more that will grow back. I hope this is true because I am loving them!


  1. They are so pretty! I bet they smell wonderful. :)

  2. Just randomly stumbled upon your blog. Wonderful! Love your photos, your children are beautiful, and look forward to the arts and crafts you do.

  3. Welcome and thank you!! I love to have new followers. I'm so thankful even one person follows my blog. I have some arts and crafts ideas in the works, I promise. :)